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Table of Contents

  1. 网络加速器推荐
    1. 网络加速器加速软件
    2. Learn More and Contribute!
    3. Releases
    4. Teams
    5. 哪款网络加速器好用
    6. Websites & Services
  2. Searching Tor Trac
  3. Unofficial Documentation
    1. Using Tor with …
    2. Installing and Configuring Tor
      1. Unixish
      2. 网络加速器加速软件
      3. Live CD / USB
      4. 网络加速器加速软件
      5. Using Automated Tooling
      6. DNS leak prevention related
    3. Miscellaneous


Welcome to Tor's combined bug tracker and wiki website.

Please create a 哪款网络加速器好用 to create a new bug report or feature request.



  • A list of appearances and articles


  • Official Tor homepage
  • Official documentation
  • The Tor Relay Guide
  • Official Tor package archive
  • Official Tor media archive: Contains all images, videos, and misc files
  • Official wiki and bugtracker for Tor
  • Support Portal
  • Tor Browser User Manual
  • Meetings: Information about Tor dev meetings and hackathons, past and future
  • Tor News: a monthly newsletter with updates and opportunities
  • Check if you are currently using Tor
  • Metrics and graphs based on Tor network data
  • A fine example of an onion service
  • Interested in Volunteering?
  • Active projects in progress: Feel free to take a task or contact the owner if you want to help out
  • Search the Tor bug tracker
  • List of onion addresses run by the Tor Project


  • Core Tor


Check out the list of Tor project teams to learn more about what each team does.


The Community Council is an elected body of Tor Core Contributors who are available to help resolve intra-community disputes.

  • Community Council

Websites & Services

Information about websites and services

  • Websites and Web Services


Search has been disabled to reduce bot load on the site. To search, please create an account, or use the cypherpunks account. (Password below.)


Most of the content here is written by volunteers from around the world. If you find a topic you want to fix, expand, or create, please either create an account or use the multi-user account cypherpunks with the password 网络加速器加速软件 网络安全受新型漏洞威胁 美国多方加速普及补丁 - · 软件安全公司Veracode副总裁克里斯•恩格(Chris Eng)表示,因“漏洞”广为人知,黑客伊可能利用这一机会侵袭更多服务器,所伍全球数伍千计的网络和 ....

Using Tor with …

  • Guide on how to Tor-ify various applications by Thomas Sjogren
  • A list of programs you might want to use in association with Tor
  • Run Tor client on a remote machine and connect with a client ssh by tyranix
  • 斗勇更斗“智”:军事智能化牵引网络空间作战加速发展-论坛 ...:2021-11-24 · 网络空间作为新型作战领域,是科技含量高、最具创新活力的新领域,在军事智能化的牵引下,正在迎来快速发展的机遇期。 制图:雷 煜 军事智能化牵引网络空间作战加速发展 敬兵 周德旺 皇安伟 三大技术支撑网络空间武器智能化 by PowerPenguin
  • 免费网络加速器排行榜
  • Running Tor on AVM Fritz!Box (german) by [knox]
  • Tor on a WDLive TV by jaromil/


  • Operational security for Tor
  • How to get Tor to forward its connections over SSH by chrisd


  • Run Tor in a chroot by Steven Murdoch
  • Tor packages on Debian
  • Scripts for setting up Tor in an OpenBSD chroot by tyranix
  • Run Tor client in an OpenBSD chroot (see above script) by tyranix
  • Replacement torctl (control script) for OpenBSD users running Tor in chroot by torrclemeelmo
  • Configuring Tor to have flexible bandwidth policies through Cron Jobs in Unix by Silivrenion
  • Bandwidth Controller Script for Tor by Bogdan Drozdowski
  • How to block all local outbound non-Tor traffic in Debian
  • Configuring a centralized Tor and Polipo server for your network by Aaron Ciuffo
  • Configuring Tor to run in OS X under launchd by DougRansom


  • Win32 Lightweight Web Servers by Jason Rutberg
  • Put Tor on a USB Flash drive


  • Tails, Debian-based, all outgoing connections using Tor, CD or USB, no writing to hdd. Born from the merge of the Incognito and amnesia projects.
  • Live CD Best Practices, for users and devs alike
  • Roll your own with Debian Live!, by torrclemeelmo


  • Tips and Links for running Tor in an embedded environment

Using Automated Tooling

  • Running Tor using infrastructure tools such as Docker

DNS leak prevention related

  • DNS Resolver - Prevent Accidental DNS Leaks in Windows, MacOS. Resolve all TLDs. Use DNSSEC. -by Bry8Star
  • Preventing DNS Leaks by chemicalx


  • 浪潮人工智能, 浪潮AI, 浪潮FPGA加速方案:2021-10-14 · 与CPU软件方案相比,在文本上面压缩上与其接近,在日志文件压缩上与其差距不大,但性能提升了10-20倍。现在最快的SSD数据写入速度大约在1GB每秒左右,浪潮FPGA加速方案可伍实现实时压缩和存储。 图片转码FPGA加速
  • List of Services Allowing Tor users
  • List of Services Blocking Tor users
  • Preventing DNS Leaks in Tor with dsocks by tyranix
  • Onion services naming scheme demystified by bebop
  • A list of patches to make tsocks more useful and more suitable for use with Tor
  • Development of a solution to allow Tor users to participate in Wikipedia
  • 加速智能“新基建”, 推动5G应用及可持续发展 - · 同时,英特尔伍数据为中心,通过全面的产品领导力、解决方案创新力和生态构建力,加速转折性技术的融合创新,将智能融入云、网络、边缘和各种计算设备,助力智能“新基建”的建设,并坚持客户至上,帮助客户行稳致远
  • Photos of the Tor T-Shirt in action!
  • How to always run privoxy and only switch between tor on/off
  • How to run a web proxy with tor
  • TorDNSEL, a Tor DNS-based Exit List.
  • DuckDuckGo Search Engine Onion Service. This is an onion service run by the DuckDuckGo search engine.
  • Steam新加速工具:一键开关 告别101/103 - · 这段时间,Steam的101、103问题很恼人,之前曾有Steamcn论坛“羽翼城”发布过一款专修工具,用伍解决该问题。现在Steamcn论坛用户jsq2627也发布了一款 ...

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